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Bow Pulpits For Bertram
And Other Yachts & Boats

  • Fiberglass bow pulpits designed to fit all bertram models from 28 ft. to 60 ft. with optional teak inlays.
  • Small pulpit 28 ft. to 31 ft. this model has a built in fiberglass anchor chute with a Stainless Steel (S.S.) plate down the center and roller. included with the bow pulpit side navigational lights and pre-formed S.S. bow rail section.
  • Medium pulpit 33 ft to 38 feet. this model includes a S.S. anchor chute with a S.S. roller, side navigation lights and performed S.S bow rail section.
  • Large pulpit 42 ft. to 60 ft. this model includes a S.S. anchor chute with a S.S. roller and preformed bow rail section.
  • All bow pulpits can be custom cut to any model boat.

Picture: Bow Pulpits For Bertram Yachts